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South African Wedding Trend

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Obviously summer in South Africa is HOT. So shorter dresses for the bride and bridesmaids only make sense. We can even adopt the trend here in the states for the brutal hot summers.

Make it known to your guest they can also dress slightly more casual to the wedding. Just because you are cutting down on fabric does not mean you have to cut down on elegance. Fabrics like silk, organza and chiffon are lightweight but still add class. Or better yet, this is an excuse to have two dresses! One for the ceremony, and something lighter for the reception.

On your wedding day you want to be comfortable and radiant! This will ensure you are comfortable and happy. A happy bride makes for an even greater wedding! For some of WBM bridal shop favorites you may want to visit: Designer Loft In New York City,, Sukeina by Omar Salaam- Kleinfeld-,  Hair by Michelle Swiney


This week, ISO Beauty was featured in New York Bridal Week’s Galia Lahav show, creating gorgeous looks for the models. ISO’s very own styling tools were used to create the flowing wavy locks donned by models in elegant evening wear and bridal dresses.


Galia Lahav displayed striking and elegant dresses, which included traditional white bridal wear along with some darker-toned evening looks. Of course, no bridal look is ever complete without the right hairstyle. ISO Beauty tools helped the show’s styling team create hair looks that complement the aesthetic of Galia Lahav’s beautiful designs. With loose waves and a few tugged-back locks, the stylists were able to create effortless yet glamorous looks.


Products used in the styling process included ISO Beauty’s Pink Twister, a ceramic and tourmaline plated curling wand used to create those perfectly defined curls and waves, and the ISO Ionic Pro 2000 hair dryer in Peacock print to add those flawless finishing touches. Also featured in the styling process was the Super Spectrum Pro Limited Pink Leopard flat iron, complete with one hundred percent ceramic plates—an excellent choice for both straightening untamed strands and creating finished curls and waves. 


Find all the ISO Beauty Hair Tools used at the Galia Lahav show at 








'40s-Inspired Vintage Wave from Olivia Garden

A nod to the '40s, this soft, vintage wave is perfect for all your brides. Hairstylist Michelle Swiney with a little help from Olivia Garden, pays homage to the classic, big flowing waves of this classic decade and gives it a more modern look—creating an elegant, romantic feel that works for any bride, regardless of how casual or fancy her wedding is. Try it out on your next bride-to-be!

For more information visit, .png

3 Best 2014 NYC Bridal Week Hairstyle & Makeup Trends: Ponytail Chignons, 1940′s Waves, Fishtail Braids, Metallic Red Lips - Galia Lahav Presentation 2015


At the Galia Lahav show, Hairstylist Michelle Swiney used Olivia Garden brushes and tools to create 1940’s hair with a twist!


Swiney focused on creating a classic 1940’s wave but with a contemporary twist — fishtail braids were accented into the hair to add a modern feel. The Olivia Garden Divine Care and Style Brush, featuring 100% boar bristles, was used to prep and detangle hair for styling. The Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Brush was used to smooth hair while creating absolutely gorgeous waves.


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